Warrior Dash 2016 – Introduction


I’m very excited for the 20 people in our church that signed up for the Warrior Dash 2016! Let me say from the start that I have one motive for doing this….your growth. The Warrior Dash is simply an excuse for us to practice accountability and encouragement! If we all lean in on this, we will be establishing habits we can take from here that will keep us physically and spiritually healthy…and accountability is one of those great habits! Here’s how we can make this work!

Find an Accountability Partner

This would be someone you connect with on a regular basis who will help you make the most of this preparation time. This could be your spouse, but I would encourage you to find someone of the same gender as you. Men understand issues men deal with and women know how women think! Text one another, ask the hard questions, and keep each other motivated.

Connect to the Community

There are several smartphone apps that will connect you with the rest of the group as we work together. I would suggest the following;

YouVersion Bible App

This is Bible reading with a news feed. What you read and highlight gets posted and it’s a GREAT way to encourage one another with the verses that are impacting us! So download the app and send me a friend request! You can find the app here.

Map My Fitness App

Though there are several apps that will track your run and several others that will track you biking, Map My Fitness tracks it all! I use it to log my swims, cardio circuit sessions, and weight training along with my runs and rides. So once again…send me a request once you get it. It’s found here.

My Fitness Pal

For people who count calories, My Fitness Pal is a must-have. It’s data base of foods is extensive. It even includes most restaurant menu items! And even though I don’t count calories personally, I often track my eating so I can be sure I’m eating enough protein and keeping my carb/sugar count low! Check it out here.

There will be much more to come including fitness tips, nutrition tips, instruction on Bible study journalling and prayer journalling, etc. I’m really praying that this will be a time of amazing growth for you! Let’s encourage one another toward Christlikeness!


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