Preaching from the iPad

iPad_preachAfter several years of iPad ownership, I’m still in love my tablet. It remains my go-to device for reading, taking meetings notes, and for preaching. Yes…I preach from my iPad. For whatever reason, I get asked that question often. And normally the question is followed with another; “How do you do it?” So I thought I would share the method I use.

Now…this is not the ONLY way or even perhaps the BEST way. This is simply a method that has worked effectively for me.

Writing the Sermon

I have access to several cloud-based document storages options; DropBox, GoogleDrive to name a few. But since I operate on multiple mac devices (iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone), iCloud is the best solution for me. So to write the sermon, I will use Pages. Making changes on a document on one device means it will automatically update on ALL the devices. So if I all of sudden have a great illustration on, say, patience as I stand in line at WalMart, I can quickly open the app on my iPhone and make the change! That’s the beauty of the cloud!

If you not accustomed to Pages or if you are on a PC (prayers going up for you right now, brother),  you can use any word-processor (Word, Quick Office, etct). You just need to be able to export the document into PDF format. Once you do, you will want to transfer the sermon over to your iPad and there are several options. 1)You can open it on your iPad Pages App from iCloud then touch the wrench in upper right-hand corner, go to “Share and Print,” touch “Open in Another App,” choose PDF, then chose the next App.  2)O you can simply email it to yourself, open the email on your iPad, touch and hold the attached PDF, and chose the next App.

Making hand-written notations

Before I began using the iPad from the pulpit, I used printed notes. Each Saturday night I would mark them up with handwritten reminders and I would highlight certain sections. This really helped the sermon to “sink in” before I preached it. I really didn’t want to lose this step when I moved to the iPad. Fortunately, there are several apps that I can use to accomplish this task (annotating). By far my favorite is Notability. To unpack why, it would take a whole other blogpost…so  for now, just take my word for it…Notability is a great App for hand-written notes. So from my Pages App on the iPad or my email, I will choose the Open the PDF in Notability, make my hand written notes, highlight what needs to be emphasized, and will then move the sermon to iBooks(touch the icon with the arrow point to the right in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, choose “Open in Another App”, then choose iBooks).

Preaching from the iPad. 

Why iBooks? Why not just preach the sermon from either Pages (if you don’t want to annotate) or Notability? There are simply too many things can distract me if I’m in one of those Apps. For example, I might be trying to scroll to the next page but instead accidentally make a mark on my sermon because I touched the screen wrong. To get back to the right view I will have to mess around with my iPad and that will be very distracting. In iBooks you cannot accidentally go into “edit” mode since the app is simply a reader. There are several other advantages. It is very easy to get to scroll to the next page…just swipe almost like you would a “real” piece of paper. You can also enlarge the text with two fingers (tough and move your two fingers apart).

So that’s the method I use! I trust this will be helpful to you. How do YOU preach from your iPad?


One thought on “Preaching from the iPad

  1. I have done PDF too, but now I use a New App I designed called Podium Cue. I think it’s awesome. I use Evernote to collect my thoughts and then story oars on the chalkboard walls in my office. I then sit down and type my message into podium cue. speaking from it is so much nicer than PDF and the 2 dimensional outline makes transitions super smooth.

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