Living a “Grace-Drenched” Life!

This past Sunday, I wanted to say so much more than time allowed. So instead of preaching a longer sermon, there were some things I had to leave out. To keep us from missing verses in Colossians, I thought I would post a quick video unpacking the verses I had to miss. So here’s point 4… “A Grace-drenched Worker” from Col. 3:22-4:1


2 thoughts on “Living a “Grace-Drenched” Life!

  1. Thanks Jamie…it’s hard to be missing out on the preaching week after week. I so welcome any thoughts you share on God’s precious Word. What a gift is ours, and what a hope we have!!!

  2. I enjoyed last weeks sermon. The first half especially was needed in my life as I have lately been wondering, “ok, so I am a sinner (I get that and accept it) and Jesus died for me, and that most certainly brings me joy because now I am free. But what am I free to do?” You touched on some great points that helped me remember that I am free to serve and love Jesus. But more importantly, I now know that all the righteous things that God desires for my life I cannot do on my own. I can’t go out and be a humble servant, I need Jesus to be my strength to do that. Have a great holidays Pastor.

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