To Blog or DANCE

This morning, I had a really great idea for a blog. You have to have something to say if you are going to blog…and that something has to be a topic you are both passionate and knowledgeable about. This morning, an idea hit me and I was ready to get my thoughts out!

Since I started blogging nearly a year ago, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy writing. And since I also enjoy coffee and jazz music, these three pleasures often coincide on Saturday mornings, one of the few mornings I have “free” in my week. So this morning I found myself at my iMac, Harry Connick singing, with my coffee mug sitting filled with warm goodness. But I also found something else…or someone else…nearby. My beautiful baby girl was twirling and spinning to the music, her piggy tails keeping time with the swing beat. There is something that fathers of red-headed girls know that others may not. Red-headed piggy tails have incredible power. Wendy’s knows this…and I definitely know it! I’ve been trained as a US Army Infantry soldier to be strong in the face of the adversary. But I’m not sure how I would fare against against a troop of blue-eyes, pigtailed, ballet-dancing warriors. After this morning I’m quite sure I would give up my weapon and surrender to the chorus of sweet little giggles.

So I’m not blogging about my amazing idea. I’m putting down the wireless, bluetooth keyboard…and I’m going to DANCE! I’m not sure how many more of these days I have left…but I have today. I have THIS Saturday morning and right now I can create a memory that may last us the rest of our lives. My blog may impact a few people but none more important than my barefoot, braided beauty. So sing, Harry! I have a girl to twirl!


One thought on “To Blog or DANCE

  1. LOVED this post…and I’m pretty sure Maddy loved that it was short and you started twirling her instead of writing! What a great dad and what a great memory for your precious little girl!

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