Project Joseph: A Book Review

When you are going through one of life’s struggles, there are a few things you need. You need a friend who cares and is tender in his words. You need help…REAL help…not cliches and platitudes, but “rubber-meets-the-road-of-life,” practical help. And, you need wisdom from God’s Word. In the book “Project Joseph” by Joe Castañeda, that’s exactly what you get.

Joe is an experienced youth pastor and has a humorous and loving way of communicating. Though don’t get the wrong idea…”Project Joseph” is not a book for teens only. Joe is also a trained biblical counselor and he writes in such a way that anyone who has ever experienced difficulties can benefit from his loving insight.

In the book, Joe uses the story of Joseph to teach important truths of God’s sovereignty, wisdom, and care through our painful moments. At the end of each chapter there is practical and helpful homework. This is not just a “fill your head with knowledge” book, but a “impact your life for change” book. It’s designed with the hurting person in mind…it’s designed to do what the subtitles says…to guide the reader to God’s “repairing your pain.”

I commend this book to you. You will laugh, feel loved…but through it all you will find help from your past and present pain. You will also be prepared to handle future pain with an eye on God’s working in your life.

Find it on Amazon – Project Joseph: Repairing Your Pain

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9 thoughts on “Project Joseph: A Book Review

      1. I ask for two reasons. First, while in the Christian book industry, I discovered that most books are recommended by those that have not actually read the book (“ghost endorsements”). Second, you didn’t really indicate any specifics, personal impact, etc. so it looked like you might be recommending something that you hadn’t read. I’m one that believes that recommendations should come from those that have read a book, and personally vouch for its contents and impact. Otherwise, any other recommendation is simply an advertisement. Make sense?

    1. I read, and enjoyed, the book. In fact, due to my busy schedule it took me while to get through it. I received a copy prior to it’s being published but being bi-vocation and a slow reader, it’s taken longer than it should. But yes, Kevin…I read the book.

  1. Trust me, Jamie, you are a lightening fast reader compared to me. And the whole “bi-vocational” challenge is something with which I am intimately acquainted. ;>D (since 1987….).

    Thanks for clarifying. Just remember, most reviews on the back of books, etc. are “ghost reviews.”

    For the record, I did a review for SharperIron, and it took me almost TWO YEARS to produce a review. I read it many times, but partly because it was that good, and because I had to keep going back and re-reading to remember what I had read. ;>D

    It is good to see Joe writing. I haven’t seen him since the book store days (remember our skits?).

    Press on, lightening fast reader.

  2. I’ve written three books since I gave Jamie this one! lol Just kidding — it took long enough to get one out! Jamie your review is cool and very humbling. Can I keep you on the short-list to be one of the reviewers for Steve Etner’s forthcoming book? I’ll talk to him, I think we could get one of the rough draft copies into your hands soon; I’m guessing his book will be on the shelves around mid-late September.

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