Ministry Transition

Yesterday, July 17, 2011, I announced to Cornerstone that I would be resigning as their senior pastor. I have been accepted into the Harvest Training Center for Church Planting with Harvest Bible Fellowship and will begin training this fall. As Courtney and I transition from one chapter of our lives to another, we have mixed emotions.

We love the people of Cornerstone. When you experience life with people as their pastor, you become very attached. Many of them have started their relationship with Jesus under my ministry. Others have decided to get serious about loving Him with their lives. I have cried with them as they have suffered through cancer, the loss of loved ones, or as they have lived through the difficulties of life. I have rejoiced at major spiritual decisions, the birth of their children, marriages, etc. We’ve spent hours just hanging out with them, enjoying just being together…with good food of course.

Leaving Cornerstone is hard. Many tears have been and will be shed.

Just as we are sad about the closing of one chapter, we are very excited about the opening of another. I am honored to be a Harvest Bible Chapel Church Planter!

Cornerstone was my first senior ministry and when I came, I didn’t know who I was. Over the past seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to discover where my convictions lie and to develop my philosophy of ministry. The more I discovered about Harvest the more convinced I became….THIS is where I belong.

The passion for Jesus and desire to put God’s glory on full display was a perfect match. Just watching the Vertical Church Video by James MacDonald, I found myself saying “Yes! That’s it exactly!” I am excited about building a church on the four pillars (check out this video if you are not familiar with them already). And I resonated with the PASSION and excitement I found there. Teaming with this fellowship is an incredible honor. God brought this opportunity to me, and He has opened the door wide. It’s with great excitement that we walk through the door, trusting Him to do great things.

Here are some important details:
-We begin training on Sept. 6th. My family and I will be moving to an apartment in Elgin, IL. The training will last four months with a month-long internship to follow. We will be on our planting site in February. As of right now, we are not sure where that will be.
-My last Sunday at Cornerstone will be August 14th.
-We need to raise $7,000 of support. If you would like to invest in what God is doing in our lives, just comment below with your email address…we will be in touch!

In the weeks prior to our announcement yesterday, I cried out to God that Cornerstone would be loving, supportive, and encouraging. They were all those things and more. Many tears were shed, yet many expressed excitement for us as we follow God. I asked God for calm and peace as I made the announcement. I felt His comforting presence in a big way. He has answered our prayers in mind-blowing ways already…I can’t wait to see how He will display His glory in our lives as we follow Him in this exciting adventure!


18 thoughts on “Ministry Transition

  1. I am excited to see you obeying the will of God and know that it is never easy to leave a loving congregation as you have experienced at Cornerstone. My prayer is that you will grow closer to Jesus as you continue to lean on Him for all your needs during this exciting transition!

  2. I’m proud of you Jamie. We will be praying for your transition and that God places you exactly where you are needed most. All our love to you, Courtney and the kids.


  3. I’m totally excited for you but I will so miss you. You have to stay in touch!! You are an amazing man of God and I know God will use you and your family to spread His word and glory! Love, Stroups

  4. Pastor Hart,
    I read your post with tears in my eyes and gratitude for all that you have done for me. It has been a long and tiring journey but with you, Cornerstone, and God I have started the journey home to a new life. Although I have not been in Church for sometime now, I think of you, Courtney and your children always with much love and admiration. I love Cornerstone and have just fb’d to some that I would be returning. I have had quite a challenging time these past few months, but, with all that you have shared with me about God and His Grace, I have fought off the evil and won…..Thank you Lord and thank you Pastor.
    I hope that I will see you all before you leave. I would like to offer a monetary assistance to you as you also journey forward in your new life.
    Thank you so much. You have made such a beautiful change in my life through Gods words in the Bible that you shared with me.

  5. Carol, I pray for you DAILY! What God as done in your life is nothing short of a miracle. He has been so good in time of difficulty. I think of you often and pray that God will give you a strength beyond what’s humanly possible so that HE will get the glory in your life.

  6. We are excited to watch what God does in and through you and Courtney, not just through the training and internship time at Harvest but also beyond when you take on a plant! God is at work (duh!) and we are all getting a front row seat- you in your own life and we at Cornerstone! To say we will miss you is an understatement! You are the Doctor’s pastor…we love you and your family. We joined Cornerstone because of the preaching…we stayed at Cornerstone because God wanted us there! Please know that our family will continue to daily bring you before God through prayer! We love you, Rev!

  7. Hey Jamie, thanks for being open to God’s leading. I know we didn’t get to spend much time together, but I could see God working in your life and in your family. I’m convinced that even greater things are in store and will be praying for the many challenges of the transition.

  8. Jamie, know that Deb and I will be praying for you, your family and the ministry God will be directing you toward! Exciting days ahead as you trust Him!

  9. “By faith Abraham, when called to go … Obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going…” I rejoice in your willingness to go reach the unreached and I pray the Lord would give you the grace to experience His best each and every step of the way! May you dare to trust Him to do the impossible in those who seem impossible to reach! May the joy of the Lord be your strength and may your heart be filled with His passion for people! In Jesus’ name !!!

    1. Jim,
      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! We serve a GREAT GOD! I’m so excited about how God is using you through the Courageous movie project.
      All for HIS GREAT NAME!!

  10. I rejoice with you, Son, Courtney and GRANDkids as you follow the Creator and Savior we love. Please know you all have been in a special place in my prayers ever since you first told me of His new calling for you and will continue to be as you venture forth in His wonderful name. May His will be done and may all be for His glory! Much love, Mom

  11. Hey Jamie, hope your having fun in your training. I’m really excited for you, and I know God is going to really bless you,give me a call when you have a little time I would like to here more about your training update. Dad

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