iPad Tip – Organizing PDFs with iBooks!

One of the great benefits of the iPad is the eReading capabilities. It’s a Kindle, Nook, and Kobo (Border’s eReader, in case you didn’t know) all in one device! But those are not the only options. You also have Google Books, and Logos to name a few more. And, of course, there is Apple’s eReader, iBooks. Each of these carry much of the same content, however some books are only available from one or the other, so having all of them is a good idea.

One feature of iBooks that I have found very useful is it ability to read and organize PDF files. That’s right…not only can you READ PDFs but you can organize them in “Collections!” (excited applause breaks out all over the blogosphere!) I thought I would share a quick tip of how to get this accomplished.

A quick word for PC users…iOS is NOT windows. It does not function in the same way. In the PC desktop world, your files are managed in folders like “My Documents.” You simply create new folders and organize your files according. Double-clicking the file will open the application associated with it’s extension (.doc files open with MS Word, for example). With the iPad files are managed through the App that runs the file. Depending on the app, you may or may not be able to “organize” them into folders that make sense to you. Many apps read PDFs, but few of them allow any kind of organization. Well…iBooks does! (more cheers)

Getting PDFs on your iPad
There are several ways of getting PDFs on your iPad.
1. You can use iTunes. Files can be moved from your computer to your iPad by using iTunes. Instead of typing out all the instructions, here’s a link!

2. You can download PDFs from Safari. With the new updates to Apple’s web browser they have now added the ability to open certain files in applications. If you find a PDF on a website, touch the link. It will open it a readable fashion with a bar that appears which allows you to “Open in iBooks!” This will save a copy of the PDF on your iPad in iBooks!

3. You can email yourself a PDF. If you create a document in another app (like Pages), you can mail a PDF version. By touching and holding the attachment, you will get the “Open in…” option and you can choose iBooks!

4. Scanning documents as PDFs. We have the great blessing of having a copy machine that is also a high speed scanner. It can scan multiple documents as a single PDF file. Using it, I’ve scanned in all my college class notes, counseling conference notes, and any other document I feel I may be able to use.The machine allows me to email the document to my account!

Organizing with iBooks
When you open iBooks you will see it automatically has two Collections; Books and PDFs. All the PDFs you open will “land” in the PDF collection. You can switch between collections by touching the “Collections” button and choosing from the list. You can also create new collections.

Creating “Collections”
Touch the Collections button in iBooks, then touch New. A blank line will appear on the bottom of your list, and you can type in the new collection name. I use “Sermons”, “Class Files,” etc.

Moving PDFs
Once you have created your collections, you are now ready to organize. Touch the Edit button on the far right of the iBooks window. Now, touch the PDF files you want to move. Notice a check mark appears on the file. Then touch the Move button and select the appropriate collection. The file will “zoom” into that collection!

Happy organizing!

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18 thoughts on “iPad Tip – Organizing PDFs with iBooks!

  1. That’s really cool! I can’t wait to try that on my iPa…oh, that’s right, I don’t have an iPad! Thanks for rubbing it in once again Jamie! 🙂

    1. You Are The Man!!!!!! I was trying to do this on my iPad2 the other day and just gave up cause it was not working for me. Well come to find out I was doing the wrong thing. Thanks a ton. Just organized all my pdf’s in less than five minutes! Thanks so much!

  2. Might be possible to use Dewey Decimal System in organizing ebooks? Been doing that on my ipad to avoid cluttered collections. Though not really arranged accurately, it’s pretty cool 🙂

  3. I have a PDF file that acts like a table of contents to a number of PDF files in various sub-folders. Is there a way to create sub-folders in iBooks so their contents can be pulled up by document links from the top-level table of contents?

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