Excited about Zite!

I really like apps for my iPad…especially the free ones! I have tried over 100 apps and there are couple that have really excited me. The newest “Wow” app in my life is Zite. How excited am I about it? Enough to post a blog!!

First of all, it’s important to note that I read news articles daily. I normally go to Google News to keep up with the latest thing that intrests me. I am intested in specific topics…Tech, Religion, Gadgets, Theology, iPad…all things you would expect from a “Geeky Pastor.” But getting all the info I want means checking out several sites…and this can be time consuming. Plus, there may be great articles out there what I miss because I’m not sure where to go! That’s where ZITE comes in! It gathers news articles from all the topics that interest you and puts them in a very attractive and readable format!

Now several apps do this already. Flipboard is one of my favorites. However, Zite takes it a step further as it ADAPTS to what you like! You can customize what comes up and it learns as you go!

Here’s how…

When you start up Zite, it will ask for your Twitter account and/or you Google Reader account. (Now, if you are not already familiar with Google Reader, follow the link get educated! Once you get your favorite RSS feeds saved on your Google Reader account, you can use it in a number of apps! It’s pretty awesome!) Zite will look at who/what you are following and will bring in customized content. In addition, you can touch “Customize” and choose from list a topics. There’s even a field to type in your own! After you have made your selections, it then categorizes the topics into “sections” and creates articles based on the stuff you like!

As you read articles, you can give a thumbs up to the question ,”Did you enjoy reading this” and/or choose “Give me more from…” a list of topics mentioned in the article. And, of course, you can share the article on Twitter and Facebook right from the app.

It’s new…I haven’t spent hours on it…but what I see so far I like. Hopefull you will to!
What apps do you like? What kind of articles do you read? Sound off in the comments!


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