Setting Goals for 2011 – A Quick Idea

After reading a quick blog from Desiring God, I was impacted by the first paragraph. Tyler Kenny wrote, “The last week of the year is a good time—with God’s help—to reflect on the past 12 months, do a little self-assessment, and decide what things to repent of and reach for in the next lap around the sun.”

I’m drawn to alliteration (though I vowed never to use it when I was a college student…foolish me), so this is how I did my year end evaluation and new year planning. It’s basically Tyler Kenny’s outline, with one element added:

1. Things to Rejoice Over
I listed some reasons I can praise God. What amazing things has He done for me this year? In what ways have I grown in my spiritual walk? Start out with adoration and praise!

2. Things to Repent Of
Using Mr. Kenny’s quick little outline, I spent some time thinking about areas where I need to improve. Was there some time wasted? (I checked Facebook too often, for example) Were there some opportunities wasted? How did I do with what matters most to God? Who did I disciple?  How about my family? I prayerfully considered some areas…then I read 1 John 1:9 and had a time of casting this before Jesus, and getting forgiveness. Looking at our sin without ending at the cross brings hopelessness! Looking at our sin at the feet of the cross brings JOY over His GRACE!

3. Things to Reach For
I also prayed about goals for the coming year. What do I hope to accomplish for His name’s sake? Obviously, my  “Repent of” list will helped guide me.
A quick note on goals…they should be 1)Measurable, 2)Realistic, and 3)Workable. Here’s an example: “I will read my Bible more” is a great goal…but very vague. Better: “I will read my Bible at least 5 times a week.” Now, it’s specific and measurable. It’s also workable because I can PLAN on when it’s going to be done! “I’m going to read my Bible at 7:00 AM, Monday through Friday using a Bible reading schedule.” My goal can be Measured, Planned, and it’s Realistic.

Once I did my evaluation and set some goals for 2011, I need to have a time of planning. What are the steps needed to accomplish these goals? When am I going to take these steps? One thing I’m going to do this year is print my goals in a nice looking document and post them someplace where I will see them often.  I want to keep what’s important in front of me!

Wise stewards evaluate and plan (Luke 14:28-33). Take some time this year and make a PLAN to grow! We will not float toward godliness…we need to plan the work, then work the plan!

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2 thoughts on “Setting Goals for 2011 – A Quick Idea

  1. Jamie – Good concise thoughts here. I seem to recall that you said somewhere, on facebook?, that you were going to pursue NANC cert this year. Are you? I have been sitting in my office today working out a feasible schedule to allow for reading, exams, etc. If you are, I would like to work out some sort of accountability with you – if you’d like. Just to encourage one another in the process. I had the goal of NANC cert this year and let the tyranny of the urgent get in the way. Let me know! Let’s get together some time! God bless,

    1. Mark,
      Yep! That is certainly one of my goals as well. I have quite a bit done, but really need to complete it. I think the accountability would be great! A weekly email would go along way…but we can do more if you are interested. I would also be very interested in the plan you come up with. I too get caught up in the urgent (and apparently we both read C.J.)! Let’s connect via email about it.

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