Trains and my Brains

As I write this blog post, I am on a train from Chicago to South Bend. My dad was here for a week and today’s he’s flying back home. We decided to make life a little more interesting and we took the South Shore Line into Chicago. It takes more time…but it also gives me some opportunity to think and work. For example…I can blog while I travel. Blogging while driving, on the other hand, is not so easy…trust me…not so easy at all.

When I visit large metro areas I seem to always be hit with the same thought. Today as we rode the rails into Chitown, the thought came again and brought two reactions. So here’s my blog about it.

First the thought…“There are a lot of people in the world. And each person will one day have to answer for what they did with Jesus. Each one…no exception. The middle aged lady currently sitting next to me will one day stand before the God of universe. Her rebellion against God will have to be accounted for. The mother and her four daughters who obviously went on a shopping spree (lots of bags)…one day will stand before the One Who created them for His glory. What have they done with Jesus? He lovingly gave His life for them. He paid for their sin! Have they accepted that or rejected it. I’m surrounded by people…old men, young women, black people, white people, blue collar, execs…they are all pursuing something. And NONE of it will matter one day…unless they have pursued Jesus first. It’s overwhelming.

So then my reactions…
There are plenty of people to go around…so why are churches competing? Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a “competition” mentality among many pastors. I put that in quotes because I don’t believe we should be competing at all. Listen…there is a difference between growing a church and making disciples. I’m not here to grow to Cornerstone. I’m here to lead people to Jesus and help them learn how to live for His glory as they pursue Him in love. I’m here to tell as many people as I can their sins are PAID FOR…and they have a good and loving God they can know. If I’m as zealous for the gospel as I should be, people will come to know Christ and Cornerstone will grow…but that is not what should motivate me. In my opinion, the difference is this…a desire to grow Cornerstone…my kingdom…is motivated by MY glory. It quickly becomes all about MY name. However, a desire to make disciples is motivated by GOD’S glory…a desire to love and obey Him. It’s for HIS Kingdom…His NAME.

So this “competition” mentality is ridiculous. If we preach the same gospel and desire to teach people the Bible…we are not competing! For crying out loud there are enough people to go around. Quick evaluation question…when you hear of another church leading people to Jesus and growing, what is your first reaction? “Praise God!” or “Why not my church?”

Let’s stop building churches and get busy building THE church! Remember… He will NOT share His glory! Let’s stop trying to get some of His spotlight on us!

Wow…that was a little…soapboxy…but I’m ready to team with my brothers in Christ around me and get busy sharing Jesus with whoever will hear. And I need Harvest Bible, First Baptist, Grace Bible, (and so on) doing it too because there are a TON of people who need Jesus…and Cornerstone can’t do it alone.

Here’s my other reaction…
I need to tell more people about Jesus. There are so many people who need Jesus! Most will reject Him. The road that leads to eternal life is narrow. I know…but for crying out loud here I am on a train surrounded by people who may or may not know what Jesus paid it all for them! And I have the answer! They will ALL…ALL stand before God…and they can ALL…ALL be made right before Him. And I know how that can happen! I know the gospel! So enough blogging…that middle aged lady needs Jesus…and I only have an hour or so to tell her. Here we go…I’m diving in…for HIS glory and that alone!

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