Warrior Dash 2016 – Introduction

WELCOME I’m very excited for the 20 people in our church that signed up for the Warrior Dash 2016! Let me say from the start that I have one motive for doing this….your growth. The Warrior Dash is simply an excuse for us to practice accountability and encouragement! If we all lean in on this, we… Continue reading Warrior Dash 2016 – Introduction

How to Build a Prayer Journal

God hears our prayers. That’s mind blowing when you think about who WE are and Who HE is. Wrapping our minds around this truth should move our hearts to pray more. Here is a practical way to help your prayer life get to the next level.

What do WE mean by “Gospel-Centered?”

EVERYONE seems to be saying “We are ‘gospel-centered.’” But what does that MEAN? Is it just a fad? Is it just the new “cool” thing churches are doing? Not to us! We consider a central focus on the gospel as our foundation for ministry. It impacts everything we do…preaching, worship, small groups, etc. We recently… Continue reading What do WE mean by “Gospel-Centered?”

Warrior Dash Devo

As a church, we are running a 5k mudder called “Warrior Dash.” This is really just an excuse to challenge one another to better health…both physically and spiritually. Along with accountably, we are asking each participant to watch a series of devotionals. Here is the first one, calling men to be men who FIGHT.